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About the RootsThe Roots of Yoga is a small amateur project. I started with it around June 2015, when I founded the FB page "Roots of Ashtanga Yoga" and started giving quotes there along with old photos.
But it all started a little earlier. I once studied at the FHS UK with a focus on the anthropology of religion and focused on India. I was there for seven years, but I didn't finish my studies (work and such, you know ????), so I'm neither an indologist nor an anthropologist. For a long time I knew yoga from the "other side", ie through its spiritual side and old texts. Although I used to practice it sometimes, I mostly practiced at home and only occasionally I went to a hatha yoga seminar in a school gym. When I started practicing asanas properly, I got into the world of modern yoga with both feet (well, maybe not both, because I would probably have to practice yoga in a fitness center). For many people, these are two different worlds: on one side is modern yoga and on the other is traditional yoga, which perhaps no longer exists. But it occurred to me that even in the modern one there are various strands (often well hidden), where asana yoga still lives and has not become a physical exercise.
Because I enjoyed and enjoyed reading older texts, I started to select quotes from them, and in the end this little project came into being. At this point, I must thank Jar Pávek for drawing my attention to studying old photos in my yoga beginnings. It never occurred to me before.
This project does not have a specific goal - I make it for fun ???? But I would like it to help others. Nowadays, I feel a desperate lack of information about the history of yoga in the yoga community, which is compensated by fiction. This can lead to an attempt to "reinvent" yoga as something else and to complete nonsense - The history of yoga as such is not necessary. But tradition (especially teachers and texts) has always been and is extremely important in yoga. Manju Jois once said exactly, "All the essential books on yoga have been written a long time ago." I would therefore like to make this tradition available to those who do not speak English (there are plenty of good English books and information) or do not speak Sanskrit.
What I think is most important is that this project does not serve as an evangelistic center. I like the metaphor that we all keep one fire together. Everyone attaches to it according to their own. I add something from the history of yoga to this great fire. Someone else something, etc. That's why I want my materials to be usable for others. All materials on this site are “Creative Commons,” so all you have to do is say they are from this site and from me and you can use them ????

David Dostal david@korenyjogy.cz

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Lekce se mnou

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Vinyasa Yoga teacher training 200 h RYT